Representatives of Snow Dragon Games will be at Dreamation Feb. 22-25, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency in Morristown, New Jersey. We’ll have an exhibitor booth where you can buy our games, books, and other merchandise, and we’ll be offering some board and roleplaying games for you to sample. The schedule won’t be published until a few days before the event, but here’s what we have on tap for you at the con:

  • New World Magischola House Rivalry — It’s time to go to school … for wizards! Can you charm your way to the top of the class, avoid the hexes of your rivals, and capture the First House Cup of New World Magischola? This board game features variable player powers, resource management, and ‘take that’ mechanics and will have you scrapping to be the best wizard at Magischola. It was successfully Kickstartered in October 2017, is in production and will be released in May. For 2-5 players, ages 10+
  • Magimundi: The Cry of the Thunderbird (part of the Bad Blood scenario written by Jason Morningstar) — In this roleplaying module set in the Magimundi, you’ll play wizard school students, and bandmates in the mid-1990’s. The Battle of the Bands is tonight! But a thunderbird picked now to die and you’ve been tasked with tracking and protecting it from poachers. Can you be two places at once? You are wizards, after all. A tabletop RPG for 3-8 players.
  • Magimundi: Rawls Farm Retreat (part of a larger Magimundi scenario written by Jason Morningstar) —  In this roleplaying module set in the Magimundi, you’ll play wizard school students in Solaris Province in the closing year of the mundane US Civil War. You should be at magic school but the mysteries of the Georgia woods call. You were warned to take extra shoes, stay on the paths, & keep away from mundanes, but you don’t listen well. A tabletop RPG for 3-8 players.
  • Everyday Drama — this is a brand new prototype game just written by Maury Brown and you’ll be among the very first to playtest it. Life is full of everyday drama. How will you solve it? In this party game, you’ll turn over a conundrum each round, then select one of your positive powers from your hand to combat it. But your co-players get to play a negative power from their hand on you! You have to narrate how you’ll solve the conundrum with the tools at your disposal. Take turns being the judge and deciding who “best” solves each conundrum. A fun party game that seeks to improve emotional intelligence and dealing with everyday stressors. For 3-8 players.

You can pre-register for Dreamation through midnight February 20, 2018. Hope to see you there!

Play Our Games at Dreamation 2018
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