House Rivalry Team

Dylan Grey, Lead Game Designer

Dylan has been playing games and noodling with game design for, well, his entire life. He’s excited to be partnering with New World Magischola, a universe he fell in love with after attending the larp in 2016. When he’s not conjuring new ways to surprise wizard students or confabulating with house ghosts, Dylan Grey can be found managing a small, independent coffee shop in Bedford, VA. A dedicated designer with a background in both magical and mundane liberal arts, Dylan can pull a bunny out of your hat at 50 paces.

Mike Young, Game Designer & Developer

Mike is a professional card game and larp designer. His card games include Meteor, Igor: The Mad Scientist’s Lament, and Hamlet: A Game In Five Acts. His published larps include: A Grandiose Disaster, Prawn, and Rules To Live By.  Mike brings his expertise to the team as game developer, where he brings the gift of arithmancy to House Rivalry. He is also the primary writer of the Compendium of Creatures for the Magimundi, and if you look closely you may find a drawing in the game that resembles him.

Ffion Evans, Artist

Ffion is an occasional Monster artist and freelance designer and illustrator at KALEIDOSKOP Graphics and Webdesign.When she’s not working, she enjoys reading, motorcycling, and beating the heck out of the boxing gym punchbag. Her blood type is tea. She has been illustrating monsters and magic for the Magischola project since the beginning of 2016 and hopes that this board game isn’t the end of it, because obviously, drawing monsters is every 6-year-old’s dream, and currently she gets to be 6 years old quite a lot. Just, you know, with deadlines and more pocket money.

Cas Wormwood, Artist

Cas Wormwood is a writer, artist, and absinthe enthusiast. He has been a freelance cartoonist for several years and has channelled his passion for costume design and personal styling into his carefully curated, vintage boutique, Wormwood & Gall. Presently, Cas lives in Salem, MA and can most often be found amongst piles of books, at work on his manuscript, with his beloved taxidermy collection for company.

Lars Bundvad, Artist

Lars is a professional artist and 3d Designer who is responsible for the crests and founder artwork in the game. In his daily life, Lars works for Epic Armoury as a product developer and sculptor, and plays bass in Danish metal band Vanir.

Dagmara Gąska, Artist

Dagmara is an illustrator and concept artist from the magnificent gothic city of Toruñ, Poland, where she graduated with honors from the Faculty of Fine Arts of The Nicolaus Copernicus University, and where she still lives and works. With over nine years of professional experience (and a lifetime of drawing), inspired by mythology, Art Nouveau and Eastern art, she creates decorative illustrations and richly detailed designs of characters, beasts, places.

Dan Blanchett, Graphic Designer & Rules Booklet

Dan Blanchett refuses to be painted with one brush, and divides his time between game design, photography, writing and graphic design. His first game, Infamous: The Pirate Wars, was signed by Breaking Games and is due out in late 2017. He also served as art director and guest writer for Battlestations 2nd Edition (Gorilla Games), an RPG-board game hybrid. He loves the challenge of making games better in both a visual and functional sense, and thoroughly enjoyed working on the magical world of New World Magischola: House Rivalry.

Ben Morrow, Publisher

Ben, helpless to erase the problems that emerge as a result of his very existence, has formed a company with Maury Brown to create entertainment that hopefully leads people to generally be nicer to each other. This highly competitive game about sabotaging the education of other magic school students is sure to undo all of that.

Maury Brown, Publisher

Maury brings her extensive communications and publishing background to the team, and has the never-dull job of managing this motley crew. She may have sneaked some puns into the game, over the objections of some team members. The world needs more good games, more diverse games, and more people making games, so she is delighted to be bringing House Rivalry to market.