Enamel pins

North America is full of fantastic beasts, magical creatures, and interesting cryptids and we’re looking for the folks who love them as much as we do! We’ve captured the majesty and strangeness of these creatures in original artwork, and we want to bring them to you as a collection of gorgeous enamel pins you can wear, collect, and trade.

Each pin measures 1.5″ and is shiny gold metal with an 8mm post and a metal back. Your pin arrives on a Cryptid Cuties card, individually shrinkwrapped.

Each individual pin is die struck, leaving recessed areas behind to receive colored enamel. The pin is then kiln-fired at 450 degrees and polished to a shiny luster, resulting in a hard surface. The colors are vibrant, sharp, and eye-catching!


Those living in the American Southwest may have heard one of these infamous cryptids yowling in the desert or skulking among the saguaro. Some people think it’s just a puma, but we know better! These scruffy felines with their distinctive branched tails are mischievous and ready for adoption!

Your cat comes with a digital adoption certificate, and you can add a hand-made, crocheted, pin-on flower for when your cat propagates in the spring with red or purple desert blooms.

These custom-made plushies are so soft and so huggable and so unique! Each cat measures 12″ from nose to the base of the tail, with a ~10″ long, three-branched tail that can be manipulated into various positions and shapes. They can stand on their own and are perfect for perching on your shoulder and nuzzling your neck. This densely packed stuffie is made of super soft and scruffy gray-green faux fur, and resembles a saguaro cactus. You won’t find anything like this in any toy store or online shop (at least not yet)! Order a cactus cat now!

Cryptid Conservation Front

Show your support for magical beasts of all kinds by joining the Cryptid Conservation Front! We’ll send you this handsome badge computer sticker, a 1.5″ full-color soft-enamel pin, and an official membership card. You’ll also be eligible to receive updates about our latest creatures before they are made available to the public (at least two times per year) and to receive special deals for upcoming products.

Your annual membership will help us locate and memorialize more cryptids and creatures, helping to pay our artists and writers and fellow cryptid lovers! Join the society today!

Depicted on the badge: the mighty thunderbird, the cute yet feisty jackalope, a majestic wyvern, and the infamous hodag.