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These are the official rules for the popular larp-in-a-box A Wolf By Any Other Name. This 16-page booklet gives you a complete script for a facilitator to run the game. Be sure to also download the Game Documents file, which has all of your ephemera: Path posters, House Posters, signs, Detention Bingo, clues, and more.

64 pages of documents you can choose to print (and reprint) to supplement your AWolf By Any Other Name game! Includes: “Minutes to Moonrise” signs; House Posters; Path Posters; Detention Bingo cards; Detention Appeals Forms; official Magimundi correspondence; and some class notes of good (and not-so-good) students; and more!

This is the supplement to the Wolf rules that gives you two options for the Professor character (game facilitator) who monitors detention.

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