Congratulations! You’re a wizard! Magic flows through your veins, distinguishing you from the majority of “mundanes” that inhabit this world. But before you can properly use your powerful gift, you need training, lots of training. You wouldn’t want to accidentally turn your best friend into a Squonk, would you? Luckily there’s a school that teaches you to harness your power responsibly: New World Magischola!

What: New World Magischola: House Rivalry is fun game of luck, strategy, and magic as you play a student at New World Magischola wizard college, trying to finish your path of study and earn the most House Points. Your fellow students are trying to do the same, and to slow you down with their spells and cursed objects. Who will be the first to graduate, and will they have enough House Points to declare victory?

Who: A new board game from Pixie Bob Games, the tabletop arm of Learn Larp, LLC. Designed by Dylan Grey, developed by Mike Young (Meteor), consultation by Jason Morningstar (Fiasco, Bully Pulpit Games), graphic design by Dan Blanchett (Infamous: The Pirate Wars), and artwork by Dagmara Gaska, Ffion Evans, Cas Johnstone, and Lars Bundvad.

Mechanics: The game uses simultaneous selection, hand management, and tableau building. Each round, select your action: Enroll, Study, or Conjure. Play Conjure cards to improve your grade or speed up your time in your Courses or Clubs, or to slow down the progress of your fellow students. Earn House Points for your good grades or deeds, or for solving magical problems thrown your way. The first player to complete 3 courses, 2 clubs, and 1 required course and has the most House Points wins.

Strategy: There are 10 characters to choose from, and each has special abilities that affect gameplay. You also select from among five New World Magischola Houses: Dan Obeah, House Croatan, Maison DuBois, Casa Calisaylá, and Lakay Laveau. Each House has positive and negative traits that change the way you play.  Players also choose which Action to select each round, and create a mixture of Courses, Clubs, and Explores to earn the most House Points. You also choose which Conjure cards to play on whom, when, and in what order, to maximize your progress and set your rivals back. Use that really dastardly Conjure card on a foe, just when they are about to finish their courses. Then try to finish before they have a chance to retaliate.

Background: New World Magischola House Rivalry is based on the world of the Magimundi, a proprietary fictional magical universe for North America created by Learn Larp, LLC. New World Magischola is a wizard college, as well as a 4-day immersive larp experience that aspiring wizards can actually attend. Characters in the game share names with live portrayals from the LARP, and the five houses of the school are those you can actually join for online or live play. NWM: House Rivalry is part of a transmedia project by Learn Larp, to bring the world of the Magimundi alive through larp, tabletop, board games, fiction, and hopefully a feature film and graphic novel.

At New World Magischola, you will join other young Magimundi (members of the magic using community) from across the five provinces of North America on a common quest for knowledge, power, and untold glory. At the beginning of your studies, you are selected for initiation into one of five houses: Dan Obeah, Maison DuBois, Casa Calisaylá, House Croatan, and Lakay Laveau. Each house is suffused with unique traditions and histories — handed down from the powerful house founders themselves — that aid an aspiring wizard on his/her path toward magical mastery. Your house is your family, and the manner in which you apply your talents and skills throughout the semester will either bring them praise or shame. Will you be remembered for your remarkable deeds, or forgotten in the annals of time? The legacy of your house is in your hands.

To bring your house glory, you will need to pick up your wand and books and get to work. Only one house is awarded the House Cup — the paramount accolade for wizarding achievement, honor, ambition, and cleverness — and the house points necessary to gain this title are up for grabs.

So look around you; these students (players) may be friends and trusted companions on your adventures, but beware, they are also your competitors. Only one of you can win the House Cup, bringing eternal glory to your house and family name. Will it be you, or one of them? Will you find your home in Dan Obeah, house of wisdom and foresight, and bring home the House Cup through perfecting your craft? Or are you better suited for Casa Calisaylá, using somewhat more… resourceful means to collect your points?

No matter your student style, you’ll find your home as you begin your studies here at New World Magischola. But choose wisely, and then get to class. We are expecting great things from you.

What’s in the box?

Your House Rivalry game box contains:

  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Character card deck with 10 characters to choose from (10)
  • 1 Set of House play mats to choose your House (5)
  • 1 deck of School Course cards
  • 1 deck of School Club cards
  • 1 deck of Conjure cards
  • 1 deck of Magischola cards
  • 1 expansion deck of (20) Magimundi Creature cards (stretch goal on Kickstarter)
  • 16 Grade cubes
  • 120 time cubes  to track your progress in time and grade in each course
  • 1 Wand Bearer Token (stretch goal on Kickstarter)